Wednesday, 30 May 2012

State Lines

State Lines are a young four-piece pop punk band from Long Island, New York who formed in late 2010. They've got super catchy Tigers Jaw-esque vocal harmonies, awesome melodies, solid bass and drums, and plenty of 90's emo inspired guitar parts. They're just a great band, what more needs to be said? They put out a full-length last year and recently released an EP with Tiny Engines. Definitely check them out, they'll (hopefully) be making some fantastic music for a while.

FFO: Tigers Jaw, Joyce Manor, Turnover, Spraynard, Basement

1. Driver
2. Getaway
3. You Were A Hurricane
4. Cancer
5. Garvey
6. Cheers, Belmonte
7. Probably In A Notebook
8. My Friends
9. House
10. Hoffman Manor

1. 5s On The Elephant
2. Plenty Of Time
3. Cave In
4. Win Free

For The Boats (2013)
1. For The Boats
2. The Same Mistake
3. Water Song
4. Shady Existence
5. Linger
6. Shit For Brains
7. For The Ears
8. Kids
9. Garages
10. Indian Burn
11. Tuesday Morning
12. Where It's Warm

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