Sunday, 24 June 2012


Xerxes are a five-piece band from Louisville, Kentucky who formed in late 2008/early 2009. They blend the aggressive sound of hardcore (i.e. Trash Talk) with the highly cathartic, emotional aspect of screamo (they're quite reminiscent of Orchid, You And I, Joshua Fit For Battle, Yaphet Kotto, etc.), and take clear influence from bands such as Touché Amoré (Calvin even sounds like Jeremy Bolm) and Pianos Become The Teeth (especially the quiet, melodic parts). This is not to say that Xerxes are a copy-and-paste band, though. They (to me) have this very dark and ominous atmosphere surrounding them, which sets a completely different atmosphere to the ones previously mentioned. I suppose a similar tone is present in Orchid or You And I, which is partially why that specific comparison is made. The screamo influence is very evident in the semi-short song lengths, unusual song structures, pummelling speed, use of dynamics, very personal lyrical material, and of course, the vocals themselves. The main difference is that Xerxes aren't quite as disjointed as the aforementioned bands. This is where the hardcore aspect is present. I know I keep making the same comparisons, but  musically TA are a very good band to use to describe their sound. TA, like Xerxes, take a heavy amount of influence from screamo, but aren't a screamo band per se. Lots of blast beats and octave chords, but with a straight-forward, distinguishable sound. They also incorporate soft, melodic parts which are beautiful contrasts to the chaos. This is of course quite typical of these kind of bands, but I love the way Xerxes do it. Then again, I love the way they do everything. I'm not quite sure what I'm going on about anymore, and should probably stop with the genre-dropping. It's all hardcore/punk. So just check 'em out if you haven't (I suppose that's what you're doing on here anyway). They're also a kick-ass live band, so if they're within your vicinity, I'd suggest you try and catch them. 

To date, they have four releases: an EP titled Twins, released in May 2010, another EP titled Homeward Carries No Direction in October 2010, a split with Belgium's Midnight Souls in April 2011, and an LP on No Sleep Records in March 2012 titled Our Home Is A Deathbed. The full-length is probably the best starting point, but ever thing is solid. Update: They just dropped a new EP, and it is fucking amazing, and totally reminded me of how fucking awesome this band is. Check it out now.

1. Gold
2. Siren Song
3. Commonplace
4. US 60
5. Glendower Drive
6. Twins
7. Tuesday

1. Freefall
2. Runaways 

1. Xerxes - I Can Feel You Standing There
2. Xerxes - But I Don't Feel You Anywhere
3. Midnight Souls - Former Friends And Other Dead Ends
4. Midnight Souls - Widowmaker

1. Wake
2. Sleep
3. Tide/This Place As A Prison
4. Suburban Asphalt
5. Fever Dream
6. Summer Storms/Winter Leaves
7. February
8. Our City As A Floodplain
9. Funeral Home
10. Sleepwalking With You
11. Our Home Is A Deathbed

Would You Understand? (2013)
1. Grinstead
2. Tramadol

1. I Was Wrong
2. Criminal, Animal
3. A Toast
4. Knife
5. Use As Directed
6. Chestnut Street
7. Collision Blonde
8. Exist 123
9. (but here we are)
10. Nosedive


  1. Thanks for the links!!
    they are amazing, looking forward to see them live this fluff fest

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  3. most links are fallen :( you guys do an awesome work and have a great blog, keep going!

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  5. i live in louisville and i'll never get tired of seeing this band live. i grew up the past few years seeing Our Home is a Deathbed live, and in Oct '14 when Collision came out i remember buying the record and being blown away.