Sunday, 3 June 2012

Animal Faces

Ooh do I love Animal Faces. These guys are a great three-piece post-hardcore band from Toronto, Ontario (represent!). Sporadic but intense vocals, and incredibly tight instrumentals, with each instrument flawlessly interweaving with each other through dynamic shifts. Melodic, but energetic. Certainly passionate. Pure beauty. Awesome live show as well. If you haven't, check them out! They've got two releases to date, both simply great.

FFO: Native, Kidcrash, Caravels, Q And Not U, ...Who Calls So Loud, The Saddest Landscape

1. Forward Through
2. Aesthetics
3. Living Spaces
4. A Deep Thought
5. Follow Faster

Note: I'm not positive, but I think the artwork varies depending on the release medium. Top left is digital, top right vinyl, bottom CD.

1. Can't See Why
2. Breathe Lightly
3. Sleep Tightly
4. Anomie
5. Watered Down
6. The Shape Of Landscapes

1. Solids - Cold Hands
2. Animal Faces - Give In
3. Animal Faces - Hold On

1. Feels The Same
2. Half Asleep
3. Losing Speed