Sunday, 9 April 2017


Tragedy are a four-piece hardcore/crust punk band that formed in 1995. Originally, they were based out of Memphis, Tennessee, but have since re-located to Portland, Oregon. Members of Tragedy were also in His Hero Is Gone and Deathreat, in addition to a ton of other bands. Since the turn of the century though, they've been killing it as Tragedy. With over a decade of experience, they've never failed to deliver some incredible hardcore with their crust punk roots showing. Their vocals are harshly guttural, while their instrumentals can only be described as intensely melodic, which makes sense if you give them a listen. The've also released almost all their albums through their own label, so they definitely get points for the full DIY. Enjoy.

1. Intro
2. The Point Of No Return
3. Not Fucking Fodder
4. Never Knowing Peace
5. Confessions Of A Suicide Advocate
6. Instrumental
7. Instrumental II
8. The Intolerable Weight
9. You Are an Experiment
10. Products Of A Cold War Depression
11. With Empty Hands Extended
12. Instrumental III
13. Tension Awaiting Imminent Collapse
14. Chemical Imbalance

1. The Ending Fight
2. Life
3. The Waiting

1. Conflicting Ideas
2. Call To Arms
3. Vengeance
4. Recurring Nightmare
5. Beginning Of The End
6. The Lure
7. Night Falls
8. The Day After
9. War Within Us
10. Revengeance
11. To The Dogs
12. No Words

1. Tragedy - No End In Sight
2. Tragedy - None Of Your Business
3. Totalitär - Krossa Elitsystemet 2
4. Totalitär - Förena Er 2

1. To The Dogs
2. The Lure

1. Eyes Of Madness
2. Force Of Law
3. Rabid Panic
4. Deaf And Disbelieving
5. The Hunger
6. Total Vision
7. In Formation
8. Incendiary
9. Crucifer
10. Under The Radar
11. Plan Of Execution

1. No Cemeteries Here
2. Close At Hand
3. The Grim Infinite
4. The Feeding Hour
5. Wail Of Sirens
6. Darker Days Ahead
7. Black Against Night
8. Power Fades
9. To Earth Like Dust


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