Tuesday, 11 April 2017


Starkweather are a five-piece hardcore/metalcore band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that formed in 1989 and are still active today. They are best known for pioneering metalcore (in its purest form), which was a blend of metal and hardcore. More specifically, their two early releases, Crossbearer and Into The Wire, are cornerstones in hardcore history. These two albums are nothing but unbridled, visceral, intensity. Heavy riffs, progressive song structures, manic vocals, and lyrics that cut deep are just some of the many incredible aspects of Starkweather that make them such a timeless band. Their most recent material, the LPs Croatoan and This Sheltering Night (the latter was put out by Deathwish) are also incredibly solid, and continue to maintain their legacy as one of the best hardcore bands ever. They're an absolute classic and essential, so get on this. Enjoy.

1. Tumult
2. Mean Streets
3. Rest The Soul
4. Lazarus Runs
5. Murder In Technicolor
6. Shards / Unto Me
7. Picture It Obsidian
8. The Rift
9. Above The Rafters
10. Desolate

5. Mainline

1. Shroud
2. Shards
3. Unto Me
4. Murder In Technicolor
5. Into The Wire
6. Slither

1. Slither
2. Taming Leeches With Fire
3. Vespertilian
4. Silken Garotte / The Infinity Coil
5. Machine Rhythm Confessional
6. Hushabye: Goodnight
7. Bitter Frost
8. Wilding

1. Epiphany
2. Swarm
3. Broken From Inside
4. Transmit
5. All Creatures Damned And Divine
6. One Among Vermin
7. Receive
8. Bustuari
9. Proliferate
10. Martyring
11. The End Of All Things

1. Overmars - Solitary; Following The Sperm Whale (Once Again)
2. Overmars - Last Sail Sinking
3. Starkweather - Nightmare Factory
4. Starkweather - Armed Memory

1. Starkweather - Divided By Zero
2. Concealment - Liminality

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  1. Metalcore is a difficult to understand music and it takes time to develop taste for this kind of music. I have listened to some of their numbers which are good ones.