Thursday, 6 April 2017

Negative Approach

Negative Approach are a seminal four-piece hardcore punk band from Detroit, Michigan that initially existed from 1981 to 1984, though reunited in 2006 and have been playing shows ever since. This band is one of the undisputed best and most important hardcore bands ever. They were defined by their anger, aggression, and vocalist John Brannon's distinct bark and less-than-positive lyricism, all of which hold up for years after their incarnation, and have continued to be influential even to this day.

In their original few years as a band, their main recorded output consisted of a self-titled 7" and one LP, Tied Down, both on Touch And Go Records. Their legacy would really be solidified years after, with the release of Total Recall, which compiled both their EP and LP, in addition to demos and live tracks, all from their initial three years as a band. This compilation is absolutely essential, and I would rank it among certain other hardcore bests (Minor Threat's Complete Discography, Black Flag's The First Four Years, etc.) This is classic hardcore punk 101.

Post-Negative Approach, Brannon formed another incredible band, Laughing Hyenas, which played a blues-punk hybrid. I'd also highly recommend giving them a listen (there's a post on them from a few months ago). He was also in another band called Easy Action. In 2006, Negative Approach was reformed by Brannon and drummer Chris "Opie" Moore, both who were a part of the original NA line-up. Since then, they've played a few sporadic shows, tours, and festivals. This band has got a strong legacy, and some timeless songs that don't age easily. Highly, highly recommended. Enjoy.

1. Tied Down
2. Hypocrite
3. Evacuate
4. Said And Done
5. Nothing
6. Your Mistake
7. Live Your Life
8. Friend or Foe
9. Dead Stop
10. I'll Survive

1. Lost Cause
2. Can't Tell No One
3. Sick Of Talk
4. Pressure
5. Why Be Something That You're Not
6. Nothing
7. Fair Warning
8. Ready To Fight
9. Lead Song
10. Whatever I Do
11. Negative Approach
12. Tied Down
13. Hypocrite
14. Evacuate
15. Said And Done
16. Nothing
17. Your Mistake
18. Live Your Life
19. Friend Or Foe
20. Dead Stop
21. I'll Survive
22. Can't Tell No One
23. Whatever I Do
24. Ready To Fight
25. Chaos
26. Pressure + Fair Warning
27. Lost Cause
28. Genocide + Lost Cause
29. Never Surrender
30. D.A.B.F.
31. Said And Done
32. Sick Of Talk + N.A.
33. Your Mistake
34. Tied Down
35. I'll Survive
36. Kiss Me Kill Me
37. I Got A Right
38. Tunnel Vision

1. Pressure
2. No Doubt About It
3. Don't Calle Me Up
4. I Don't Want It
5. Sick Of Talk
6. Ready To Fight
7. Lost Cause
8. Chaos
9. Fashionable Idiots
10. Negative Approach
11. Your Mistake
12. Friend Or Foe
13. Live Your Life
14. Tied Down
15. Hypocrite
16. I'll Survive
17. Nothing
18. Said And Done
19. Can't Tell No One
20. Sick Of Talk
21. Whatever I Do
22. Shit For Brains
23. Ready To Fight
24. Friend Or Foe
25. Live Your Life
26. Said And Done
27. Lead Song
28. Nothing
29. Fair Warning
30. Never Surrender
31. Negative Approach
32. Tied Down
33. Ready To Fight
34. Fair Warning
35. Hypocrite
36. Why Be Something That You're Not
37. Friend Or Foe
38. Dead Stop
39. Whatever I Do
40. Sick Of Talk
41. Can't Tell No One
42. Your Mistake
43. Live Your Life
44. Nothing
45. Negative Approach
46. Evacuate
47. Chaos
48. DABF
49. Pressure
50. Genocide

Note: Tracks 1-18 are demos, tracks 19-50 are live

1. Friends Of No One
2. Obsession
3. I Got A Right (The Stooges cover)
4. Cargo Cult
5. Kiss Me Kill Me
6. Genocide

Note: Recorded in 1984