Thursday, 20 April 2017


Shirokuma are a four-piece screamo band from Sweden that have been active since 2012. They play a very melodic style of screamo that incorporates elements of emo and melodic hardcore. With some very bright and noodly guitars, a flowing rhythm section, and some pain-stakingly shrieked vocals, they're an absolute must for fans of fellow Swedish band and split-mates Suis La Lune. Other decent comparisons might be Raein, State Faults, Cavalcades, and Loma Prieta's last album. If "melodic screamo" sounds appealing, it doensn't get much better than Shirokuma. Enjoy.

1. Exits
2. Old Stories
3. Past Times In Silence

1. Dropping Out
2. To Seek My Very Own Sun
3. Stranded
4. What Is Cold?

1. A Cloud Painted
2. Cold, Cold Hands
3. To Seek Out My Very Own Sun
4. Okami
5. Four Rivers
6. Chiaroscuro
7. Falling Leaves From A Dying Tree
8. Blue Circles Turning Black
9. Sun Won't Set

1. Empty Squares And Thinner Lines
2. The Rabbits Hole
3. Well
4. Marble White
5. Crystal Shell

1. Shirokuma - Endless Rain
2. Shirokuma - The Earth Sleeps 
3. Shirokuma - Leave Me
4. Shirokuma - Lost Contact
5. Shirokuma - My Body Is An Empty Vessel
6. Suis La Lune - What These Hands Can't Hold
7. Suis La Lune - Beyond Repair
8. Suis La Lune - In Between Heartbeats
9. Suis La Lune - Lost Moments


  1. is it possible we could get Against Me! ?

  2. Just picked some of the albums up on BC. Thanks for the suggestion :)

  3. fucking fantastic stuff, loving this band

  4. Please request go it alone and get the most hardcore is cool thanks man