Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Band submission. Sonsett are a five-piece alternative/emo band from Nashville, Tennessee that formed in 2010. They kind of remind me of a hybrid between Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate), Prawn, Balance And Composure, and Dikembe, or something. Basically they're really good. Their newest EP, Days Wasted, tastefully uses reverb which when matched with the artwork and tone of the songs, creates an atmosphere unique to this album. It also features some nice, melodic guitar parts that entwine and compliment each other. The bass fills up the low end nicely, and the drums are spot-on. The vocals are also great, since they're soft, but still come off as being powerful. Overall this is a great EP that you should definitely check out if you're fans of the bands previously mentioned or at least ones similar to them. They've also got a few other releases on their Bandcamp if you want to check those out too.

1. Breaking Down
2. Days Wasted
3. Coldest Nights
4. Calm, The Waters
5. Moving On

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