Saturday, 18 May 2013


Thanks to Vincent for the awesome suggestion.

leer. are a five-piece screamo/post-hardcore band from San Jose, California. They play a great style of screamo, which can be compared to some of the bands below, but I think they can still hold their own. The guitars are only lightly overdriven and tinted with reverb, but played passionately, giving them that blend of clean melody and urgent chaos, which is also reflected in the bass and drums. They seem to be very tight as a band, with everyone playing off of each other, if that makes sense. They incorporate many noodle-y/math-y aspects into their sound as well. The vocals are also sprawling. They're fairly clean for a screamo band, but still possess the intense emotional edge that one would expect from a band within this genre. The vocals are sometimes spoken, sometimes almost sung, and sometimes crack and break out into a yelp, which adds a whole other dynamic to their music. I really dig this band, and perhaps the best part is that their songs don't sound repetitive or tiring. Each song is distinguishable from the next, which makes both releases definitely worth listening to. Enjoy.

FFO: Suis La Lune, Calculator, Age Sixteen, Old Gray, Merchant Ships, You'll Live, The Exploration

1. Safe Words
2. Please Don't Step On Butterflies
3. Pluto
4. Fruit Snackerz
5. Tug

1. Cerce - D.I.D.
2. Cerce - Direct Tribute I
3. Cerce - Direct Tribute II
4. leer. - Statler
5. leer. - And
6. leer. - Waldorf

1. As Cool As An Attempted Suicide
2. Spring Break
3. Commemoration
4. House Music
5. No Parents
6. Tender Compliments
7. Perpetuity

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  1. Here is their newest album, SPRINGBREAKNOPARENTS. Really good stuff:

    Streaming to the new album: