Monday, 20 May 2013

Jeromes Dream

Huge thanks to Ethan for this suggestion.

So, Jeromes Dream are a legendary three-piece screamo/emo violence/hardcore band from Connecticut whose tenure lasted from 1997 to 2001. In this span of time, they managed to become a first-tier essential of their respective genre (along with Orchid, Saetia, pg.99, etc.), in my opinion.

Their sound is one of the most unique and intriguing I can think of, not only in their own niche of music, but in general as well. They created a wall of feedback with a flurry of heavy dissonance, essentially creating a hellish nightmare in which you're being punched and pulverized over and over again and having your body being thrashed around without mercy or direction. Even among these spastic fits, the band seems to always be able to take control of their music. They often incorporated moments of syncopation, which exemplified the tightness that these three individuals had. They also often create an opposing dynamic, but playing very quiet  parts centred around a guitar melody or something of the sort. They also included some elements of experimentation, such as using samples in some of their songs. Their vocals also changed after their singer damaged his vocal cords. This new voice was like a hybrid between talking and singing, a style used by numerous bands now. They also filtered the vocals through some kind of effect to make them even more unique and distinguishable.

They've also gained some notoriety for their operations as a band. For one, their live sets were incredibly short, which lasted for only about 10 minutes. They also refrained from using a microphone. Instead, their vocalist/bassist Jeff Smith would just scream at the top of his lungs.

This is their official discography compilation, put out by Alone Records. It's the only release by them that's still in print. It includes everything they've ever done. They put out numerous splits as well as two LP's, all of which are on here and more. I don't have most of these individual releases, so their artwork and the bands on the other sides of their splits aren't here. However, if someone does know where to find all of them, it would be much appreciated if you were to share it. There's also a great interview with drummer Erik Ratensperger if you want to know more about the band, which can be found here. Enjoy.

Disc 1
1. this is for baby fat.
2. What Other Adjective Would You Have Me Use for the Word Good?
3. Do We Write to Write Right?
4. True Thinkers Will Stop Time to Think
5. Who's the Sniffer Lifter?
6. Rock Song
7. His Life Is My Denim Paradise All Day, Every Day
8. Double Who? Double You!
9. A Second Grade Art Project
10. And Just Like That the Year Is Gone
11. Exit 29 Collapsed as I Drove By
12. The Monologue of the Century
13. Life Is What You Make of It
14. The Teacher Says to His Pupil
15. Just Down the Hall from Room 526
16. They're Always So Quick to Judge
17. Its More Like a Message to You
18. A Present for Those Who Are Present
19. It's Right Where You Said It Would Be
20. I'm Reminded of a Kid Who Used to Stomp Bugs
21. A Well Documented Case of Severe Autism
22. My Most Recent Left Right Brain Argument

Disc 2
1. Remember the Sea of Tranquility
2. Taking Care of Terrific
3. What I Learned at This Years Regional Optometry Convention
4. Unreleased #1
5. The Big Fuck You
6. I Won't Stop Wondering Until You Stop Breathing
7. Thirty Dollar Bill
8. Everyday at 3:06
9. The Last Time We Talked
10. Live Song #1
11. Live Song #2
12. How Staggering Is This Realization
13. Unreleased #2
14. Unreleased #3
15. Unreleased #4
16. Unreleased #5
17. Unreleased #6
18. No Matter What You're Always There
19. 35



    This link has all of the songs from the other bands' sides of the splits, as well as the JD/One AM Radio split, which isn't on Completed.

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  3. Your download link doesn't include the song Untitled Number Two, which is the last track on the first disc. Now I'm gonna have go to ahead and retag the track numbers of 19 tracks, thanks

  4. thanks for uploading this! i've just started listening to stuff like father figure and jeromes dream, this music is awesome!!

  5. Slander, the vocal change was due to a want of change in vocal style.
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