Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Elevator Talk

Band-submitted. Elevator Talk are a four-piece band from Melbourne, Australia. Their style of music is very akin to that of This Town Needs Guns, particularly their early stuff. The guitar parts are very complex and intricate, as is expected from a math rock band, but also melodic, much like the American Football/Owls-influenced component of TTNG. Elevator Talk does sound a lot like them, but they execute this sound so well that I don't ever get the sense that they're a gimmicky rip-off or anything of that sort. They pull it off amazingly well, I think, and everything is just spot-on. The vocals are also of particular note. They are female-fronted, and their singer brings a very unique aspect to the mix with her voice. It's very gentle and melodic as you would expect, but the actual tone of it is quite unique. There's a certain quality to it that I found somewhat unexpected for this style of music (perhaps because I immediately thought of the football, etc. singer and was kind of caught off guard, for whatever reason) but somewhat fits so exquisitely. It's deeper, I guess you could say, but not necessarily low. There's still a very feminine characteristic to it, but it sounds very full as well. Her voice also takes more influence from the indie aspect of things than the emo side, which I think has adds a whole other dynamic to the band's music that compliments it perfectly. This is a great EP, and I'm personally loving it. I would definitely and highly recommend checking it out, especially if you're into TTNG (in case you somehow didn't get that already, aha).

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