Friday, 21 June 2019

Long Distance Runner

Long Distance Runner are a five-piece screamo band from Auckland, New Zealand that began in 2016. They share members with Parents, Sere, How Get, and Body 125. Now two releases in, Long Distance Runner have come bursting out with some of the most chaotic and strangely anthemic screamo I have ever heard. If you combine Orchid, Bay Area hardcore, and a dash of noise rock, this is what you get. Their latest release, No Escape, is virtually flawless, and one of the most blood-pumping and throttling releases this year. This band has carved out something incredible here, and I cannot recommend this enough. Enjoy.

1. I Fall
2. No Value
3. None Like Me
4. The Mask
5. No More Regrets
6. A Savage Place

1. The Downcast
2. Eulogy
3. The First Lie
4. Fear Of Life
5. Black Mirror
6. No Escape