Monday, 17 June 2019


Caracara are a four-piece indie/alternative band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that have been around since at least 2017. Their debut LP came out that same year, and was produced by Jake Ewald of Modern Baseball and Slaughter Beach, Dog. It was recently followed up with a new single, Better, which is one of the most powerful songs I think I've heard all year (with two other incredible tracks to boot). The latter was produced by Will Yip. Not only do they have a penchant for good producers, but a particular soft spot for sad songs. That's really the best descriptor for them, as their sound is quite hard to pin down, with an array of influences and each song offering up new ideas and textures. What remains consistent though is the incredibly strong songwriting, gorgeous instrumental arrays, and gripping lyrical content. To provide you with a very vague and not super-accurate comparison, fans of bands like Pianos Become The Teeth, mewithoutYou, Foxing, and Slaughter Beach, Dog will probably dig them. Also, if a mix of indie rock, post-hardcore, shoegaze, and emo influences sound appealing, absolutely check this out. Enjoy.

1. Evil
2. Glacier
3. Pontchartrain
4. Burn Me I'm Made of Matches
5. Revelatory
6. Prenzlauerberg
7. Interlude
8. Oh Brother
9. Apotheosis
10. Another Night
11. Crystalline
12. Vulpecula

1. Better
2. New Chemical Hades
3. Learn Your Love