Thursday, 9 August 2018

Casanovas In Heat

Casanovas In Heat are a four-piece punk band from Boston, Massachusetts that formed in 2010. They play a high-energy & good-times style of punk in the vein of bands like The Replacements, which yield some chorus-laden guitars, catchy hooks, and reckless riffs played at furious speeds. After a few incredible 7"'s, they went to record their debut LP in 2015. For multiple reasons, its release was delayed until early 2018. Thankfully this thing is out, because every song absolutely shreds. This band's got great songs and a great attitude, and although they don't seem to be active anymore, have left some potent material to kick out the jams to. Enjoy.

1. Calling Bluffs
2. Izmir Stinger
3. Jodi Boy
4. Ruins

1. Belvidere
2. Destiny St.

1. Wet Dreamin'
2. 2nd Wind
3. Against The Grain
4. Lolita
5. Destiny St.
6. Future Ex-Girlfriends
7. Omens
8. Belvidere
9. Jaded
10. Nitehawk

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