Friday, 10 August 2018


Ostraca are a three-piece screamo band from Richmond, Virginia. They began in 2009 as four-piece under the name Kilgore Trout, but changed names in 2015, thus becoming Ostraca. They play an intensely dark, chaotic and dissonant style of screamo/emoviolence that harkens back to their Virginia forefathers pg.99 and Majority Rule, with some ear-shattering vocals to boot. They also play with enough progressive, winding song structures to put them in league with bands like City of Caterpillar. Their past two releases are some of the best screamo released in recent years, so I highly suggest you get on it. Enjoy.

1. without articulation
2. half transformed
3. when is it ever different
4. pyrrhic
5. another mask
6. all watched over

1. Ostraca - The Lucid Outline
2. Ostraca - All I Was, In Ashes
3. Ostraca - Decay And Fall
4. Flesh Born - Unredeemable
5. Flesh Born - Many Ports
6. Flesh Born - Of The Same Earth
7. Flesh Born - Existence, Our Exile
8. Flesh Born - Nothingness, Our Home

1. Waiting For The Crash
2. The Orchard
3. Childlike
4. Nausea
5. Confronting Imagism
6. Worn Away

1. big star
2. graven
3. crisis
4. pulses
5. in passing
6. nemesis


  1. They also have 2 songs on the Yarrow 4-way 10" split :)

  2. Great band. interview coming very soon!