Saturday, 14 July 2018

Spiritual Cramp

Spiritual Cramp are a six-piece post-punk band from San Francisco, California that began in 2017. They have put out two EP's so far, one with React! Records, and the other with Deranged Records. They also share members with Creative Adult. Sonically, Spiritual Cramp stay loyal to the classic punk formula of high energy and raw power. They fuse the downstroke backbeat dub of The Clash with the melodic progressiveness of the Modern Lovers, and drench it in a gothic, Bauhaus-esque tinge, featuring bright guitars and wild vocals. Additionally, the Christian Death influence has to be acknowledged, since the band name is derived from one of their songs. Both Spiritual Cramp EP's are undeniably incredible post-punk with a razor edge, and highly recommended for fans of forward-thinking punk. Enjoy.

1. All My Friends Are Out Tonight (Alright)
2. Tenderloin
3. Wrecking Machine
4. The Ice Age Isn't Fucking Coming

1. Spiritual Cramp
2. 850 Bryant
3. I Feel Bad Bein' Me
4. Bloodclot

1. The Erasure
2. Upset Stomach
3. Northern Soul Search
4. Television
5. Pretty Vacant
6. Lovers Town Revisited
7. Spiritual Cramp
8. 850 Bryant
9. I Feel Bad Bein' Me
10. Blood Clot
11. All My Friends Are Out Tonight (Alright)
12. Tenderloin
13. Wrecking Machine
14. The Ice Age Isn't Fucking Coming