Saturday, 11 February 2017

Skewbald/Grand Union

Skewbald/Grand Union were a hardcore punk band that had a very brief tenure in 1981. Formed in Washington, DC by Minor Threat members Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson, this project existed during their main band's brief hiatus. The two of them couldn't settle on a name, thus why they ended up with the shared name. They only recorded these two tracks, which sound as aggressive as the early Minor Threat 7"'s, but also shows them heading into the direction they would take on their sole full-length. This makes sense, since this was recorded right in between In My Eyes and Out Of Step. This 7" wasn't released until 1991, and was put out by Dischord Records (obviously). Eddie Janney plays guitar on this, who would later play in The Faith and Rites of Spring. Not much else to say here really, these are two solid tracks that Minor Threat diehards have got to hear. Enjoy.

1. Sorry/Change For The Same
2. You're Not Fooling Me

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