Wednesday, 8 February 2017


Priests are a four-piece post-punk band from Washington, DC, that formed in 2012. After a handful of EP's, their debut full-length was released this year, and it is nothing short of fantastic. Without a doubt this is one of my favourite albums I've heard this year. It's a culmination of what they've been working towards, and a complete assault, both sonically and political. Though their early work is definitely rooted in a more straight-forward punk approach, they've really embraced the more experimental side of post-punk here. The band utilizes dark bass lines, tight drums, and some spastic guitar playing that switches from sharp surf-rock riffs to reverb-drenched chords to all-out noise fests in a matter of seconds. On top of it all are the vocals, which are incredibly charismatic and emotive, with some great lyrics to boot. Enjoy.

1. Diet Coke
2. Talking
3. The World
4. Cobra

1. Radiation
2. Personal Planes

1. Leave Me Alone
2. Say No
3. Lana
4. USA (Incantations)
5. Lillian Hellman
6. Twelve
7. Watch You (Alternate Mix)

1. Design Within Reach
2. Doctor
3. New
4. Powertrip
5. Modern Love / No Weapon
6. Right Wing
7. And Breeding

1. Appropriate
2. JJ
3. Nicki
4. Leila 20
5. No Big Bang
6. Interlude
7. Nothing Feels Natural
8. Pink White House
9. Puff
10. Suck


  1. Been super into them lately! If we could get Be Your Own Pet that would be amazing <333

  2. man i love this site do you think you could do Parker or The Hundred Acre Woods?

  3. Thanks a lot
    Greetings from Mexico City