Monday, 6 February 2017

Giles Corey

Giles Corey is a project created by Dan Barrett, a Connecticut musician who is also known for another project of his, Have A Nice Life. This particular project, Giles Corey, has been active since 2011 with the release of a self-titled album. It's garnered nothing but acclaim over the years, and for good reason. It's difficult to figure out a place to begin in describing this album (and all his work, for that matter). For one, and this is going to sound incredibly pretentious, but Barrett creates more than music, he crafts an experience. The atmospheres he creates are lonely, desolate, and most of all, engaging. From the artwork, to the book that accompanies this album, Giles Corey is a project that requires one's full immersion in. There is a clear, personal emotional intensity here, which simultaneously explores Barrett's own psyche, while also creating something for any listener to relate and indulge in. This kind of music is for the lowest points in life, and in exploring the darkest recesses of the mind, somehow a light at the end of the tunnel is found. Or something like that. Though though certainly are philosophical and emotional elements in his work, to quickly speak on the music alone here, it's absolutely fantastic. These atmospheres created with just an acoustic guitar, layers of breathy vocals, light percussion, and some background orchestral swelling reflects the depressive nature of this music alone, without even having to explore the book or lyrical accompaniments. Just by listening, this album still takes the listener on a conceptual journey through a person's depression and brink of suicide. I honestly can't recommend this enough.

What's essential here is the self-titled album, which also includes a booklet only included if you buy it on Bandcamp (which I highly recommend doing, but I've provided just the musical portion of it here). The follow-up Deconstructionist is technically not an album, but is described as a "philosophical tool". Again, I recommend reading more into it on Bandcamp, which also includes another booklet in its download. Hinterkaifeck is a fairly straight-forward EP, and Live in the Middle of Nowhere a fairly straight-forward live album (he even does some Have A Nice Life songs). Enjoy.

1. The Haunting Presence
2. Blackest Bile
3. Grave Filled With Books
4. Empty Churches
5. I'm Going To Do It
6. Spectral Bride
7. Nobody's Ever Going To Want Me
8. A Sleeping Heart
9. Buried Above Ground

1. Awake Now
2. Infinite Death
3. Epsilon

1. Winter's House
2. Guilt Is My Boyfriend
3. Wounded Wolf

1. Blackest Bile
2. Grave Filled With Books
3. Guilt Is My Boyfriend
4. The Icon And The Axe
5. Deep, Deep
6. Earthmover
7. Wounded Wolf
8. Spectral Bride


  1. thank you guys you really rock

  2. Giles Corey got a vinyl re-release on The Flenser recently, but it was a limited pressing, so I can't guarantee there are any left. It came with the book as well.

  3. I've been looking for some tracks released for Christmas compilations lately, specifically Black Christmas and Giles Corey covering The Icon And The Ax and the cover of Low's A Lot Like Christmas. Any help finding these tracks in above YouTube quality would be amazing!