Thursday, 22 October 2015

Pretty Hurts

Sorry, there's no Beyonce in this post. However, there is a kickass German post-punk band with the name Pretty Hurts. This three-piece from Berlin has put out two EP's of fast-paced, noisey outbursts that somehow still manage to sound cold, dark, and empty (in a good way). This band is possibly the bleakest statement out of Germany since "God is dead". I'm kidding of course, but this band really does encapsulate nihilistic angst turned into an all-out rage. They certainly share Iceage's affinity for reverb and Joy Divison, but with a nice dose of straight-up punk spasticity. Give them a listen, and enjoy.

1. Acceleration
2. Hypnagogic Hallucinations
3. Hurts
4. Everybody
5. Moving Fast
6. Ambition

1. Separate Ends
2. Expectations
3. Bricks
4. Tweak

1. Cold Sweat
2. Paranoia Love
3. Own Myth
4. Solitary Whistle
5. Beat On You
6. Koma
7. Past Your Time
8. Hostility
9. Ospelt
10. Distressful Youth
11. Bliss On A Leash
12. Wear Me Out
13. Athica

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