Friday, 23 October 2015

Black Breath

Black Breath are a five-piece hardcore/metal band from Seattle, Washington that formed in 2006. They've put out one EP and three full-lengths, all with Southern Lord, which should immediately conjure up an indication of their sound. Black Breath take hardcore and throw in shades of death metal (i.e. Entombed) and thrash metal (i.e. Slayer) to create some of the fastest and most aggressive music to come out in the past few years. Their sheer grit and blunt force trauma attack puts them right in the same league as some of their contemporaries (Nails, Trap Them, etc.) as hardcore's finest offerings. However, Black Breath don't just rely on a strong offence as their sole trait. They've come up with a slew of solid riffs that are quite technical and refined, which makes for some very interesting tracks. There's a few moments on their most recent album where they introduce some melodic instrumentals, which is a marked difference to the chainsaw-sound of their average song. Black Breath are an essential for any fan of aggressive music, especially Sentenced To Life. If you're going to listen to anything by this band, make it that. Enjoy.

1. Razor To Oblivion
2. Fatal Error
3. Beneath The Crust
4. Murder

1. Black Sin (Spit On The Cross)
2. Eat The Witch
3. Escape From Death
4. I Am Beyond
5. Virus
6. Heavy Breathing
7. Children Of The Horn
8. Fallen
9. Unholy Virgin
10. Hewhocannotbenamed

1. Feast of the Damned
2. Sentenced to Life
3. Forced into Possession
4. Home of the Grace
5. Endless Corpse
6. Mother Abyss
7. Of Flesh
8. Doomed
9. The Flame
10. Obey

1. Pleasure, Pain, Disease
2. Slaves Beyond Death
3. Reaping Flesh
4. Seed Of Cain
5. Arc Of Violence
6. A Place Of Insane Cruelty
7. Burning Hate
8. Chains Of The Afterlife


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