Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Infinity Girl

Infinity Girl are a four-piece indie/shoegaze band from Brooklyn, New York that formed in 2012. They just released their sophomore album on Topshelf Records. Prior to that, they were relatively unknown, though they did have a releases under their belt already. Infinity Girl are a shoegaze band in the sense that they incorporate distant vocals and heavily-distorted and effect-laden guitars. However, their sound is a little more diverse than the standard "shoegaze" tag. For one, they've got a lot of dream pop/indie sensibilities, particularly in the vocal melodies and chord progressions. They've also got an energy that's more pumping than brooding, which really gives life to some of these songs. As far as Harm goes, one of its best characteristics is that each song is very different and unique from the next. Not only do they have distinct melodies and such, but they experiment with different sounds and effects, almost to the point that there's no repetition of them throughout the album. You can tell they really sought to make each song stand out, and the result was definitely worth it. Enjoy.

1. poppyblush
2. please forget
3. blood and dirt
4. walking around
5. it's easier seeing you now
6. even if
7. by now
8. cellophane and gold
9. pulling a smile from a drawer
10. void
11. cannons

1. Untitled (July)
2. Taking Nothing
3. Read Yr. Mind
4. Summer Gold
5. Not My Hang

1. Hesse
2. Firehead
3. Locklaun
4. Hold
5. Not Man
6. Liner
7. Heavy
8. Dirty Sun
9. Young
10. Musei
11. Around Me

1. The Comfort Of What I Had
2. But I'm Slow
3. Don't Believe
4. Derail Me
5. The Color Of Wine
6. Headlights
7. Dread The Snow
8. Anything
9. Millgate
10. Taking Your Picture
11. Redder
12. The Winner Always Talks


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  10. your blog is dope and one of the last easy places to download music before purchasing (or if purchasing isn't an option) thank you!

    on the topic of "topshelf shoegazers" i would love to see Wildhoney, Field Mouse and No Joy on here