Saturday, 11 July 2015

Two Knights

Two Knights are a two-piece emo/math rock band from Denton, Texas that began in 2009. They've worked with awesome labels such as Count Your Lucky Stars and Skeletal Lightning, and played with tons and tons of awesome bands. They also share members with Father Figure, who you should also definitely check out. As far as sound goes, this band has got one formula down, and one formula is all they need to be awesome at what they do. All of their jams come down to the four essentials of emo: noodly guitar + complex drums + whiny vocals + self-deprecation = Two Knights. Enjoy.

FFO: Tiny Moving Parts, Native, Merchant Ships, Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate)

1. Quilt Chamberlain
2. Bangarang!
3. Lois Lame
4. If You Knew Me Like I Knew Me, You'd Hate Me Too
5. Ilsa
6. (If You're) Sleeping On The Floor (You Won't Fall Out Bed)

1. innards - brain
2. innards - chumpchange
3. Two Knights - thomas rabon: rydel high class president
4. Two Knights - what would zooey deschanel do?

1. Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) - Everything Small Is Just A Small Version Of Something Big
2. Mountains For Clouds - Does It Really Antimatter?
3. Two Knights - Solo Swimming
4. Driving On City Sidewalks - For You, Celeste

1. Devonte's Inferno
2. I'm Your Dad And You're My Dad
3. We Are At Max Creed
4. I'm Here For The Pizzah Partie
5. D4 What The Puck (Like if They Made Another Mighty Ducks Movie Except This Time They're Pissed)
6. A Dime Is A Titan
7. It Sucks When You Hate Everyone

1. If It's Brocken, It's Brocken
2. It Doesn't Matter Matt, I'm Never Going to Cast Boulderfall
3. Just Pick a Dead End and Chill Out Till You Die
4. Clark Can't
5. Symphony for the Righteous Destruction of Humanity
6. Dear God, This Parachute is a Knapsack
7. Everything Will Kill You
8. Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants
9. Dangerously
10. Leave My Body in Milwaukee
11. Dawg... You Watch Smallville?
12. Sorry: The Musical
13. Major League Bullshit

1. The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Fat Heaven
2. Rozwell Kid - The Weather (Spirit Night)
3. Kittyhawk - Soft Serve
4. Two Knights - Benji's Cool Times Summer Jamz

1. The Reptilian - nahimastay
2. Two Knights - Dazzler
3. Victor Shores - Not Yeti
4. Boy Parts - Live a Long Time and Take Care of Yourself


  1. How about naked raygun or\and the sect. That would be awesome

  2. yer missing the warren franklin tour split :}

  3. you are missing My love the woods, the new stuff and Effing