Wednesday, 15 July 2015

No are a hardcore/punk/noise band from London, England that formed in 2011, and are apparently breaking up soon, which is unfortunate. They've put out some of the most abrasive and noisy hardcore in recent memory. If you're looking for something to blow your speakers, here you go. The guitars have this bright and sharp, cutting tone to them, which kind of makes them sound like Gang Of Four, if Gang Of Four were speed freaks. They make use of some odd chords, and sometimes they can even be outright noisey and atonal, and just as driving and percussive as the drums. Every instrument sounds like its distorted in some way, even the vocals, which are a major contribution to the spastic explosion of this band. Here's their discography to make your ears bleed and mind blow. Enjoy.

1. Growing Up Together
2. Intricate
3. Through These Eyes
4. How You Tell Them
5. Unless You Find Me First
6. Breath
7. Accidents

1. Germ
2. Remembered Forever
3. Come Together
4. Pathway
5. Legitimate
6. Big Black Wings
7. Marching Home
8. Don't Forget

1. Become Less
2. Nothing
3. Too Easy
4. Perspective Helps
5. Done Good Wrong
6. Skeletal Hand
7. Shifting Clouds

1. Revert
2. Remains
3. Shaking
4. Run Dry
5. Blunder
6. Toil
7. Reverse
8. Inhuman

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