Monday, 20 July 2015

Rozwell Kid

Rozwell Kid are a four-piece alternative/punk band from West Virginia that formed in 2011. They started as a side solo project for Jordan Hudkins, who played drums at the time in a band called Demon Beat. Over the next few years, a few solid members joined him, and we now have a full-fledged Rozwell Kid. They're signed to Broken World Media, which is kind of obvious due to all their associations with bands like The World Is A Beautiful Place... and Old Gray. However, they don't really sound like those bands. Imagine if you took the fun catchiness of Weezer and mixed it with the loud, heavy guitars and distorted bass of Dinosaur Jr. This hybrid can go by the name "Rozwell Kid". The songs have great melodies, fun lyrics, and that same pop sensibility that early Weezer had. But they really crank up the distortion in their songs, just like any one of your favourtie 90's "grunge" band. This silly/serious dynamic makes for one hell of a good band, that can make you laugh, sing, and mosh. What more could you want? Enjoy.

1. Rocket
2. Dylan, Don't Do It
3. New Mexico
4. My Saturn
5. '93 Connie & Ronnie
6. Ace Venture Pt. 3
7. Born 2 Drum
8. Sweets
9. Hawaiian Shirt
10. Empty Glass

1. Bonehead
2. Van Man
3. Lipstick
4. Unmacho
5. Gumshoe
6. Afterparty
7. Chain Wallet
8. Dirt Wave
9. Guts
10. Rozwell Man

1. Man Overboard (blink-182 cover)
2. Wendy Clear (blink-182 cover)

1. Sleeping Bag & Rozwell Kid - Chincilla
2. Sleeping Bag & Rozwell Kid - Dogfood
3. Sleeping Bag & Rozwell Kid - Total Doofus
4. Sleeping Bag & Rozwell Kid - Miguel
5. Sleeping Bag & Rozwell Kid - Crystal Kit
6. Sleeping Bag & Rozwell Kid - It's Cool

1. The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Fat Heaven
2. Rozwell Kid - The Weather (Spirit Night)
3. Kittyhawk - Soft Serve
4. Two Knights - Benji's Cool Times Summer Jamz

1. Kangaroo Pocket
2. Weirdo
3. Sick Jackets
4. Bangs
5. Halloween 3.5
6. Smear Me
7. Creeped Out
8. Armadillo
9. Droner
10. Birthday Sombrero

1. Baby's First Sideburns
2. Magic Eye
3. Stunt Kite
4. Hummus Vacuum
5. Angus Soundtrack Deep Cut
6. Dipped

1. Rozwell Kid - My Head
2. The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Chest & Shirt

1. Wendy's Trash Can
2. Total Mess
3. Boomerang
4. Futon
5. MadTV
6. South By
8. Booger
9. Wish Man
10. Blow It
11. Gameball
12. Michael Keaton


  1. Please put some microwave on here its impossible tobfind their music

  2. Adjy NEEEEDS to be on this blog

  3. Hey, it says the zip files contain a virus (every file except "Unmacho")

    Btw thanks for your brilliant blog!

  4. Any sign of their new album?

    Also, just so you know, this site is absolutely amazing! I really appreciate what you're doing here.