Friday, 25 July 2014

Trap Them

Trap Them are a four-piece hardcore/grindcore/metal band from New Hampshire, New England and Seattle, Washington. They formed in 2002 but didn't become fully active until 2006. Since then, they have been annihilating album after album. They've worked with labels such as Deathwish, Southern Lord, and Prosthetic, which is a sign that they've earned their place as one of the most noteworthy hardcore/metal bands in the last few years. A new album just dropped which definitely shows no sign of them slowing down. If you are looking for a chaos with a pulsating, beast-like intensity, Trap Them is exactly what you want to hear. Especially if the metal aspects of bands like Entombed or the hardcore leanings of bands such as Cursed appeal to you. Trap Them fit perfectly in both worlds, and seamlessly blend them together (not that there's a ton of difference, but they certainly have different aesthetics). Update: They have played their last shows as of 2017. Let this serve as a headstone to this incredible band. Enjoy.

5. Cockrubbing With Cancer Sticks

1. Instant Circulation
2. Garlic Breakfast
3. We Will Bring Our Riot To The Courtyard Of The Cunt Heir To The Throne

1. Day One: Insomniawesome
2. Day Two: They Followed The Scent Of Jihad All The Way To Thieves Paradise
3. Day Three: Instant Circulation
4. Day Four: Collapse And Marathon
5. Day Five: Garlic Breakfast
6. Day Six: Fucked As Punk
7. Day Seven: Digital Dogs With Analog Collars
8. Day Eight: Deconstructioneer Extraordinaire
9. Day Nine: Hollow Factory
10. Day Ten: Swine Into Silk
11. Day Eleven: Threatnurse
12. Day Twelve: All Hands On The Medic

1. Day Thirteen:  The Protest Hour
2.  Day Fourteen:  Pulse Mavens
3. Day Fifteen:  Citizenihilist
4. Day Sixteen:  The Iconflict
5. Day Seventeen:  Wafers And Wine Of Sandblast Times
6. Day Eighteen:  Enders

1. Extreme Noise Terror - Religion Is Fear
2. Trap Them - Day Eighteen: Enders

1. Day Nineteen: Fucking Viva
2. Day Twenty Eight: Targets
3. Day Twenty Six: Angles Anonymous In Transit
4. Day Twenty Nine: Reincarnation Of Lost Lones
5. Day Twenty Five: Guignol Serene
6. Day Twenty: Flesh And Below
7. Day Twenty Four: Gutterbomb Heaven On The Grid
8. Day Twenty Three: Invertopia/Day Thirty, Class Warmth
9. Day Twenty One: Roam/Day Twenty Two: Absent Civilian
10. Day Thirty One: Mission Convincers

1. Day Thirty Eight: Carnage Incarnate
2. Day Thirty Nine: Degenerate Binds
3. Day Forty: Dead Fathers Wading In the Bodygrounds
4. Day Seven: Digital Dogs With Analog Collars

1. Day Forty Two: Damage Prose
2. Day Forty Four: Slumcult & Gather 
3. Day Forty One: Every Walk A Quarantine
4. Day Forty Three: Evictionaries
5. Day Thirty Two: All By The Constant Vulse
6. Day Thirty Four: Sordid Earnings
7. Day Thirty Three: The Facts
8. Day Thirty Five: Saintpeelers
9. Day Forty Six: Manic In The Grips
10. Day Thirty Seven: Sovereign Through The Pines
11. Day Forty Seven: Drag The Wounds Eternal
12. Day Thirty Six: Scars Align

1. Salted Crypts
2. Habitland
3. Gift and Gift Unsteady
4. Lungrunners
5. Organic Infernal
6. Sanitations
7. Bad Nones
8. Former Lining Wide The Walls
9. Savage Climbers
10. Ransom Risen
11. Let Fall Each and Every Sedition Symptom

1. Kindred Dirt
2. Hellionaires
3. Prodigala
4. Luster Pendulums
5. Malengines Here, Where They Should Be
6. Speak Nigh
7. Twitching In The Auras
8. Revival Spines
9. Stray Of The Tongue
10. Phantom Air


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