Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Movielife

Guest post by Jacob Shumaker, thanks a bunch to him.

The Movielife were a five-piece pop punk/melodic hardcore band from Long Island New York. They are one of my favorite bands and one of (in my opinion) the most underrated pop punk bands to this day. They formed in 1997 and were active until suddenly breaking up in 2003. The band was around such a short time but went on to influence many bands such as Bayside, Brand New, Set Your Goals and Crime in Stereo. So in some form essentially all bands currently playing pop punk. They played a form of fast melodic punk that the Long Island scene was known for and were originally signed to Fadeaway records before moving onto Revelation on their way up to Drive-Thru Records. After disbanding vocalist Vinnie Caruana went on to form I Am The Avalanche and guitarist Brandon Reilly formed Nightmare of You. 

For Fans Of: Set Your Goals, The Wonder Years, Saves The Day, Brand New

1. Thermals
2. Route 66
3. Skyscrapers

1. Valens
2. Lockjaw
3. Money To Burn
4. Fake Blood

1. Barefoot
2. Dead To The World
3. Champ
4. Speed Demon
5. Read My Lips
6. Maybe Its Nothing
7. Except Me
8. One Way Ticket
9. Racer

1. Self-Destruct
2. Maybe It's Nothing
3. Bryant Park or Bust!

1. I Hope You Die Soon
2. 10 Seconds Too Late
3. This Time Next Year
4. Once In A Row
5. Self-Destruct
6. Deal With It
7. Single White Female
8. Pinky Swear
9. How Can You Even Face Me?
10. Me And You Vs. Them
11. Another Friend
12. It's Monday And Raining

5. I Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man (Public Enemy cover)

1. The Movielife - Another Friend
2. The Movielife - Sailor Tattoos

1. Walking On Glass
2. Hand Grenade
3. Up To Me
4. If Only Duct Tape Could Fix Everything
5. Operate

1. Faces Or Kneecaps
2. Jamestown
3. Spanaway
4. Kelly Song
5. Takin' It Out And Choppin' It Up
6. Scary
7. Hey
8. Jamaica Next
9. It's Something
10. Keep Never Changing
11. Ship To Shore

1. Ski Mask
2. Mercy Is Asleep At The Wheel
3. Ghosts In The Photographs
4. Sister Saint Monica
5. Pour Two Glasses
6. Lake Superior
7. Laugh Ourselves To Death
8. Blood Moon
9. You're The Cure
10. Hearts


  1. Where did the acoustic version of Sailor Tattoos come from?

  2. It's from a sampler that came with the Forty Hour Train Back To Penn.

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  4. Link to has a gambling problem is broken

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