Thursday, 31 July 2014

I Am The Avalanche

Guest post by Jacob Shumaker, major thank you to him.

I Am The Avalanche are an indie rock/pop punk band from Brooklyn, New York. They were formed in 2004 by Vinnie Caruana after the breakup of The Movielife and after shortly playing guitar in Daryl Palumbo's post-Glassjaw band Head Automatica. They were originally signed to Drive-Thru Records but only released their debut album and a split with The Early November on the label. There was a 6 year wait in between full-lengths for the band, and between then they changed labels to I Surrender before their second full-length. They have toured and played with many bands from the past to the present and in support of their third full-length, they are about to start 2 co-headlining tours this fall with Modern Baseball and Dads.

For Fans Of: The Movielife (obviously), Bayside, Saves The Day, Brand New

1. Symphony
2. Emergency
3. A New Disaster
4. Beating

1. Dead And Gone
2. New Disaster
3. Murderous
4. Green Eyes
5. I Took A Beating
6. Wasted
7. Always
8. This Is Dungeon Music
9. Symphony
10. Emergency
11. Clean Up
12. My Second Restraining Order

1. The Early November - Outside (Demo)
2. The Early November - Ever So Sweet (Live from Philly)
3. I Am The Avalanche - New Disaster
4. I Am The Avalanche - I Took A Beating (Acoustic)

1. Bayside - I Will Follow You Into The Dark (Death Cab For Cutie cover)
2. I Am The Avalanche - Drinking Songs

1. Amsterdam
2. Brooklyn Dodgers
3. Conan O'Brian
4. Is This Really Happening?
5. You've Got Spiders

Avalanche United (2008)
1. Holy Fuck
2. Brooklyn Dodgers
3. Amsterdam
4. I'll Be Back Around
5. Is This Really Happening?
6. This One's On Me
7. Dead Friends
8. You've Got Spiders
9. The Gravedigger's Argument (Ft. Anthony Raneri)
10. Casey's Song
11. The Place You Love Is Gone
12. Gratitude

Note: Removed for copyright infringement

1. Two Runaways
2. 177
3. The Shape I'm In
4. Young Kerouacs
5. Wolverines
6. Anna Lee
7. Save Your Name
8. Where Were You
9. My Lion Heart
10. One Last Time


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