Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Their / They're / There

Their / They're / There are a three-piece indie/emo band from Chicago, Illinois that formed in 2011. The band consists of three people who are fairly well-known, to say the least. Evan Weiss, most notably of Into It. Over It., Stay Ahead Of The Weather, and Pet Symmetry plays bass and sings. Mike Kinsella, from Cap'n Jazz, American Football, Owen, Owls, Joan Of Arc, and The One Up Downstairs plays drums. Matthew Frank, from Loose Lips Sink Ships, plays guitar (super underrated guitarist and band). Their sound is definitely an amalgamation of the other projects the members were involved in. Twinly, mathy guitars layer each song under Weiss' poppy indie melodies and Midwest-inspired lyrics. A solid but technically proficient foundation is laid by the interlocking bass and drum work. They also add in some particularly experimental elements within songs that usually come as being unexpected for this typical type of music, but are certainly welcome. The band has put out two EP's so far, both of which you should check out. Despite their recent formation, they're definitely well on their way to becoming a band in their own right, and shadowed by who's in it. Enjoy.

1. Their / They're / Therapy
2. Concession Speech Writer
3. Fit Your Life Into A Grid
4. Apocalypse (Not Right) Now
5. 572 Cuthbert Blvd
6. End And End

1. Curtain Call
2. New Blood
3. Travelers Insurance

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