Wednesday, 5 February 2014

More Than Life

More Than Life are a five-piece melodic hardcore band from South West, United Kingdom that formed in 2007. Since then, they've come to be known as being one of the most emotionally passionate and intense bands in the modern melodic hardcore scene. Their contemporaries could be cited as being Defeater, Landscapes, Dead Swans, Counterparts, and Killing The Dream, among others. They've put out two EP's and a full-length to date, all of which are absolutely terrific albums. Their sophomore release is coming out this April, and the songs that they've already released from it hint that the band is taking an interesting turn, and incorporating some more experimental elements into their brutally cathartic and high-strung sound. It's definitely an album I am thoroughly looking forward to hearing this year. Enjoy.

1. Prelude
2. Live Love Learn
3. One Step Closer To The Edge
4. Forget Your Lies
5. This Is A New Day
6. Make This Count

1. Aperture
2. Faceless Name
3. In Hindsight
4. Never Ender
5. Brave Enough To Fail
6. Fear

1. Scarlet Skyline
2. Curtains Closing
3. The First Night of Autumn
4. Take My Life Away
5. Black Eyed
6. Silent Gray
7. I've Lost Track Of Everything
8. Daisy Hill
9. Obsession
10. Love Let Me Go

1. Asleep
2. Weight Of The World
3. What's Left Of Me
4. You're Not Alone
5. Threshold
6. Seasons Change
7. Do You Remember
8. Sometimes
9. Love Is Not Enough 


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