Monday, 30 December 2013

Todos Caerán

Todos Caerán are a screamo/post-hardcore/post-rock band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada (which has an awesome screamo scene, with a bunch of bands that are definitely worth checking out, this band included). These guys take influence from all the greats of the genre, such as Portraits Of Past, City Of Caterpillar, Funeral Diner, Daïtro, etc. It's been amazing to follow them from release to release for the past few years and hear their development, as they began incorporating more experimental dark, atmospheric, post-rock stylings into their core screamo sound, making their songs more dynamic and expansive, and for lack of a better word, epic. This is displayed on their newest album, called Town Of Cats, which is easily one of the best records this year in its genre, even though its only been out for a few days now. So check it out, and be sure to check out all of their other material, too. These guys are an amazing band that deserve all the attention they can get. Enjoy.

1. Comfort In Chaos
2. Lilliputian Heroes
3. The Futility Of The Fight Or Flight Response
4. Answers
5. Questions

1. Bears - A Boy In Paris
2. Bears - We All Have Rocks In Our Shoes
3. Todos Caerán - Aspirations
4. Todos Caerán - Illusions

1. Lizards Have Personalities - Je suis fait d'ombre et de marbre
2. Lizards Have Personalities - Ptolomea
3. ¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio! - Dr. John Dee
4. ¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio! - Sin Dolor No Hay Presencia
5. Todos Caerán - The Gernsback Contiuum
6. Todos Caerán - The Fragments of a Hologram Rose
7. Book Of Caverns - Marial Bai
8. Book Of Caverns - Champion City

1. Todos Caerán - The Disposessed
2. Todos Caerán - Left Hand Of Darkness
3. Todos Caerán - The Gernsback Continuum
4. Gumilinski - The Blind Opera Overtue
5. Gumilinski - La Guerra
6. Gumilinski - Yes, We Know...

1. After Dark
2. The Wild Sheep Chase
3. Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World
4. Dance Dance Dance
5. The Wind-up Bird Chronicle

1. Mahria - Scarlet Letter
2. Mahria - Blind
3. Mahria - Mask
4. Mahria - Self Sacrifice
5. Mahria - Smog Line
6. Todos Caerán - Diamond Age
7. Todos Caerán - Snow Crash

1. Polina - Sexposiyouth
2. Polina - Monroe Is A Hole
3. Bonehouse - Gentle Bones
4. Bonehouse - Paper Thin Lungs
5. Kaddish - Catastrophising
6. Kaddish - To Make Use Of Fate. To Take Care Of Time.
7. Todos Caerán - Perdido Street Station
8. Todos Caerán - City And The City

21. Todos Caerán - Tigers (Orchid cover)

Full comp here

1. Tel Fyr - Almsivi Intervention
2. Tel Fyr - Sermon 15
3. Tel Fyr - Cult Of Winter
4. Tel Fyr - Aedra
5. Todos Caerán - Flow My Tears
6. Todos Caerán - Man In The High Castle
7. Todos Caerán - Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep
8. Todos Caerán - Valis

1. Norwegian Wood
2. South of the Border, West of the Sun
3. Underground
4. 1Q84
5. Kafka On The Shore
6. Sputnik Sweetheart

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  1. Recently broke up this past year. These guys are from Edmonton.