Sunday, 17 February 2013

Suis La Lune

Suis La Lune are a screamo band from Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden that formed in 2005. They're heavily influenced by many of the big European screamo bands, such as Daïtro, Raein, La Quiete, Sed Non Satiata, and Louise Cyphre. However, they've developed a sound that allows them to hold their own. They use quite clean, noodle-y guitars, and always retain a sense of melody, even in their most chaotic moments. Vocally, they're incredibly desperate, passionate, and emotional, to the point that it sounds like they're crying half the time. It's not overdone or forced either, which is what makes them so great. They're quintessential modern screamo, and have already started to be a major influence on new bands. I love these guys, as I'm sure many of you do too. Enjoy.

1. The Feeling I Get When You Place Your Eyes On Me
2. Dance Red River, Dance!
3. You Owe Me A Photograph
4. Do You Always Taste Like Static?

1. Parts Of Emily
2. Let The Bastards Come

36. As Concrete Replaces Hope

1. Desperate Times...
2. Utter Silence Is Fragile
3. This Heart Easily Tears
4. Eris Flies Tonight
5. Quiet, Pull The Strings!
6. Fingers. Voice. Heart. Shake.
7. The Light Matters Always Matters
8. ...Calls For Beautiful Acts
9. A Letter - A Void
10. My Mind Is A Birdcage

1. Förmögenhet

1. With Wings Of Feathers And Glue
2. September Gave Us Awkwardness, October Gave Us Nothing
3. The Greatest Actors Keep On Acting Offstage
4. Can't Believe I Spelled It Out For You

1. Suis La Lune - In A Deep Hole With Clay And Remorse
2. Suis La Lune - Postlude To 5 Years Of Hurting
3. The Saddest Landscape - The Actress And The Funeral
4. The Saddest Landscape - The Temptation That Is You (Forgiveness Version)
5. Captain, Your Ship Is Sinking - Always Giving Parties To Cover The Silence
6. Kias Fansuri - Apa Yangtinggal Hanyalah Kiasan
7. Kias Fansuri - Kabus Ribut Datang Menjemput
8. Kias Fansuri - Satira Politik Dunia
9. Kias Fansuri - Hati Plastik, Nafsu Serakah
10. Isaiah - Qu’ils Crèvent Enfin …
11. Isaiah - … Et Nous Laissent Décider
12. Adorno - Missing A Warm Light
13. Adorno - Connections

1. Suis La Lune - Friends
2. Osceola - Don't Tase Me, Bro
3. Osceola - Malax

1. "Btw, That Untitled Song On Your Mixtape Was For You. I Wrote It When I Missed You."
2. I Don't Want To Be A Part Of This Anymore

1. So Much For Keeping It A Secret (Instrumental)

1. Cornea
2. Stop Motion
3. Wishes & Hopes
4. Hands Are For Helping
5. In Confidence
6. Remorse
7. All That Meant Something
8. Riala
9. Sense In A Broken Dialogue
10. One And All, Every Bit

1. Different Perspectives
2. Endless Cycle
3. Better Parts
4. Within

1. Shirokuma - Endless Rain
2. Shirokuma - The Earth Sleeps 
3. Shirokuma - Leave Me
4. Shirokuma - Lost Contact
5. Shirokuma - My Body Is An Empty Vessel
6. Suis La Lune - What These Hands Can't Hold
7. Suis La Lune - Beyond Repair
8. Suis La Lune - In Between Heartbeats
9. Suis La Lune - Lost Moments


  1. Wow! what a great upload! thank you so much! I really appreciate it (y)

  2. This is absolutely fantastic! thank you so very much!!

  3. I love this blog so fucking much,

  4. i really need the albums of la quiete please(i'm sorry for my terrible english i'm brazilian i don't speak english)

  5. i really need the albums of la quiete please(i'm sorry for my terrible english i'm brazilian i don't speak english)

  6. reupload the CD-R demo please!