Monday, 25 February 2013

125, Rue Montmartre

I guess it doesn't matter much, but this marks my 50th post. So I will take this moment and dedicate it to vanity, in which I will commemorate my success with the accompaniment of this awesome band.

125, Rue Montmartre were a emo/indie band from Bielefeld, Germany that existed from 1998-2000. Vocally, they're very soft and female-sung (though "spoken" is probably the more appropriate word). The guitar is gentle, jangly, trebley, and melodic, though does explode at some points. The bass is very prominent and grooves really well with the drums. The very little that they ended up doing is all really great and I highly recommend checking them out.

1. 125, Rue Montmartre - Hit #2
2. 125, Rue Montmartre - Steigerungslied
3. Maggat - An Urban Dilemma
4. Maggat - Kiss The Boys Goodbye

2. Kinder des Olymp

1. Disco Hijack
2. Revolter
3. Safari

6. 8x Lied

This is just everything above in one download. All the individual track listings and artwork are still there.