Monday, 18 February 2013


Native are a four-piece post-hardcore/math rock band from Northern Indiana. They formed around 2006/2007. Since then, they've released things rather sparsely, and toured fairly frequently. Everything they've put out so far is really good, and they've got a new full-length coming out this year, which has been long-awaited. They're also a really tight live band, who I personally was really impressed by. They have this thing going on with quite complex, intricate dualling guitar parts, odd time signatures, and exploring different dynamics. Except perhaps vocally, which is usually pretty harsh and intense. Big influences on them might include These Arms Are Snakes, Maps And Atlases, Minus The Bear, and Russian Circles, maybe. Though in terms of similar sounds, contemporaries Kidcrash, The Reptilian, Caravels, Victor! Fix The Sun, Castevet/CSTVT, etc., might be better comparisons. Enjoy.

1. Alpacastan
2. Don't Pawty Just Yet
3. How Did You Figure Out My Indian Name?

1. Don't Pawty Just Yet
2. What Are You Dylan In My House?

1. Alpacastan
2. Flaschdance
3. What Are You Dylan In My House?
4. Ride The Tide
5. Something About Swordsmanship
6. Hey Mon, Hook Me Up 'Do

Note: Artwork on the left is the CD version, the vinyl version's on the right

1. Backseat Crew
2. Legoland
3. Mason Jars
4. Ponyboy
5. Five Year Payoff
6. Shirts And Skins
7. Pocket Jingle
8. Members List
9. Marco Polo
10. Wrestling Moves

Note: Artwork on the left is the CD version, the vinyl version's on the right

1. Word City
2. Monday Night
3. Brass
4. Fundraiser
5. Coin Toss
6. Books On  Tape
7. Kissing Bridge
8. Sixty Seven

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  1. I saw them play at Echoplex in L.A alongside with Junius and Caspian. This band is god like amazing live. I bought we delete;erase EP, and wrestling moves on cd. I didnt had enough for wrestling moves but got it for 9 instead of 10 along with a free poster. met one of the members. there nice guys. my friend got a trans. green 12" of we delete;erase. there nice guys. if they play in your town. dont sleep on it