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Tigers Jaw

Tigers Jaw are a five-piece pop punk/emo/indie rock band from Scranton, Pennyslvania formed in 2005. They are easily one of my favourite bands around now, and I'm pretty sure they're yours too (or will be after you click a link down below).

Tigers Jaw have really developed a sound that is their own. They take the best of what bands such as The Promise Ring, The Smiths, Superchunk, Against Me!, Descendents, Pavement, and Dinosaur Jr. were doing and  mix them all together to create this beautiful concotion of awesome. What's even better than that is that the end result doesn't sound like a hybrid of those bands, it sounds like, well, Tigers Jaw. Irresistably catchy melodies, gorgeous harmonies, beautiful lyrics, melodic guitar leads, fuzz-laden chords complimented by some keyboard playing, and a tightly interlocked rhythm section with the bass and drums, perfectly balancing complexity with simplicity. They can do sad songs, pop songs, slow songs, fast songs, lazy songs, energetic songs, and you get the point. And I almost forgot the best part: the songwriting. They just know how to write a damn good song.

 Anyway, instead of spouting shit, here's what I think is their entire discography to date. Since I can't find a whole lot of information on their history, I'm a little unsure of the earliest stuff here (prior to Belongs To The Dead). Everyting after that is fairly well-documented, and I'm pretty sure I have everything released after it. It's just the things before it. It's definitely them, though a very early incarnation. They might have been using a different name at the time, Buona Pizza (like the song), an I don't know when they changed it to Tigers Jaw. The Demo was ripped off of Myspace I believe (I didn't do it myself), Buona Pizza I know nothing about, and I'm On Your Side is a full-length, though most of the song titles are missing, with the exception of ones that appear on other releases. These three particular releases were all found in one download, which I cannot find again. So sorry for the lack of information on them. Everything else we all know and love.

The "Buona Pizza" release was a solo projects of Adam's from 2006. The two-track "Demo" was for "I'm On Your Side", which was supposed to be their Prison Jazz debut full-length in 2007, though it was scrapped and never properly released. Major thanks to Anonymous for providing this information.

Essentials: Tigers Jaw, Spirit Desire, Two Worlds

1. Superhero Halloween
2. All My Friends Are Dead

1. Danielson
2. Okay Paddy
3. Heat
4. Jet Alone
5. Stungun
6. Cannoball
7. Colorful
8. The Sun
9. It's About Killing People
10. The Times Tower Belongs To The Dead

Note: Artwork on the left is the original 2006 version, the one on the right is from the Run For Cover remaster in 2012 (though the songs in the link are not the remastered ones).

1. Phantom Power
2. School Friends

1. No More Coffee
2. The Sun
3. Androids 17 And 18
4. Superhero Halloween
5. Positive Life Interlude
6. Positive Life
7. School Friends
8. Phantom Power
9. Untitled
10. All My Friends Are Dead
11. Six Months
12. Power Supply
13. The Choke (Dangerous)
14. House Arrest

2008 Summer Tour EP (2008)
1. I Saw Water
2. Between Your Band And The Other Band
3. Neighbors
4. Spirit Desire
5. Sammy Davis Jr.

1. The Sun
2. Plane vs. Tank vs. Submarine
3. I Saw Water
4. Chemicals (Alternate Version)
5. Between Your Band And The Other Band
6. Heat
7. I Was Never Your Boyfriend
8. Meals On Wheels
9. Arms Across America
10. Never Saw It Coming

Note: Artwork on the left is from the original Prison Jazz release in 2008, the one on the left is from the Run For Cover version from 2010 and onward.

1. Spirit Desire
2. We Are Great, There Is Only One (Tigers Jaw)
3. Crystal Vision
4. Meet Me At The Corner

1. Return
2. Coil/Recoil
3. Smile
4. Two Worlds
5. Let Go/Trashed Floors
6. Test Pattern
7. Windmills
8. I Saw The Wolf
9. Buona Pizza
10. Static
11. Thank You, Noah Lowry

1. Balance And Composure - Kaleidoscope
2. Balance And Composure - Burden
3. Balance And Composure - Twenty Four
4. Balance And Composure - Rope
5. Tigers Jaw - Lodging
6. Tigers Jaw - Jet Alone
7. Tigers Jaw - Danielson
8. Tigers Jaw - Dent

1. I Saw Water
2. Two Worlds
3. You're The Soul

1. Smile
2. Return
3. Let Go/Trashed Floors

1. The Sidekicks - Little James
2. The Sidekicks - (Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes
3. Tigers Jaw - Jimmy Piersall
4. Tigers Jaw - Boots 'n Hanks  

1. Gypsy
2. Jimmy Piersall (Alternate Version)
1. Chemicals (Alternate Version)
3. Distress Signal

Note: This is from Run For Cover's Mixed Signals compilation put out in 2011. You can get the full thing here

1. Tigers Jaw - My Friend Morrissey
2. Tigers Jaw - No Mask/Haze Coffin
3. Tiny Empires - Check Out My Boneyard/Interview With A Jampire/The Dream Is Still Dead

1. Tigers Jaw - Fake Death
2. The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Beverly Wyatt
3. Code Orange Kids - VI (Worms Fear God // God Fears Youth)
4. Self Defense Family - Holy Trend

10. Carry You Over

Note: Full comp here

1. Hum
2. Cool

1. Cool
2. Frame You
3. Hum
4. Charmer
5. Nervous Kids
6. I Envy Your Apathy
7. Slow Divide
8. Slow Come On
9. Soft Spoken
10. Teen Rocket
11. Distress Signal
12. What Would You Do

1. Hum
2. Distress Signal
3. Chemicals
4. Nervous Kids
5. Jimmy Piersall
6. Fake Death
7. Safe In Your Skin (Title Fight cover)
8. Where Am I? (Title Fight cover)
9. Never Saw It Coming
10. Carry You Over
11. Plane vs. Tank vs. Submarine
12. I Saw Water
13. Nervous Kids

1. Tigers Jaw - In Between Days (The Cure cover)
2. Kevin Devine - Lovesong (The Cure cover)

1. Follows
2. Favorite
3. June
4. Escape Plan
5. Blurry Vision
6. Guardian
7. Bullet
8. Brass Ring
9. Oh Time
10. Same Stone
11. Make It Up
12. Window 

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  1. Some of your links are wrong but thanks.

    1. Oh shit, thanks for pointing that out. They're all fixed now.

  2. thanks heaps. any updates on the remastered belongs to the dead? would like to hear the rest of them

    1. No problem, and I currently don't have any of the remasters they put out, but I'll see what I can do about aquiring them in the near future.

      There's the Belongs to the Dead remaster, I bought it on vinyl and it came with a download code

  3. no tigers jaw releases prior to what you have listed. Before that Adam was in the bands Triphones, Kosmos, and the Green Chair (with Ben on drums), but you're just splitting hairs at that point.

    Here are the track titles for I'm on Your SIde
    1. No More Coffee
    2. The Sun
    3. Androids 17 and 18
    4. Superhero Halloween
    5. Positive Life Interlude
    6. Positive Life
    7. School Friends
    8. Phantom Power
    10. All My Friends Died
    11. Six Months
    12. Power Supply
    13. The Choke (Dangerous)
    14. House Arrest

    The two track demo was for I'm on Your Side, which was supposed to be their Prison Jazz debut, but was scrapped and never released. It was recorded after Belongs to the Dead in 2007. Buona Pizza was a solo project by Adam in 2006.

    1. THANK YOU FOR THIS. All the post and download info has been adjusted accordingly.

  4. GOD THANK YOU SO MUCH, im glad i found these (:

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  9. holy hell thank you so much friend! I've been a HUGE Tigers Jaw fan for a few years now and could never find the links to some of these. I own almost every piece of vinyl they ever put out and was upset to find some of the 7" releases didn't come with download codes. Thank you so much!

    1. Did they make vinyl records for original Belongs to the Dead (2006)?

  10. how bout charmer ehh

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  13. Tigers Jaw - Studio 4 Acoustic Session

  14. Tigers Jaw - Studio 4 Acoustic Session (better quality):

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  20. Awesome! I found out about these guys through Wicca Phase Springs Eternal (Adam's solo stuff)

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