Monday, 24 September 2012


Adventures are a five-piece emo/indie/punk band from Pittsburgh, Pennyslvania. They formed early this year, and have just recently become real active (they just put a 7" out and are touring and such). Their line-up consists of three members from Code Orange Kids as well as Lilith (formerly Wifebeater, a really cool acoustic folk-y project. The link is to their bandcamp, check them out too if you havent't already). They've all done various other projects together before, but none that I can specifically note. You know what, here's a line-up rundown:

Reba Meyers - Guitar, Vocals (also in COK and Lilith, same instruments)
Jami Morgan - Drums (also in COK, though he sings as well)
Joe Goldman - Bass, Vocals (just bass in COK, both in Lilith)
Kimi Hanauer - Keyboard (vocals in Lilith as of this year, I think. She also the artwork for all three bands)
Dom - Guitar (don't know his last name or any other bands, so he gets to be just Dom - Guitar)

I'm not trying to put more emphasis on the people in the band than the band itself, it's just that that seems to be a point of interest with them. Whatever, anyways, they certainly don't sound anything like any of the other bands mentioned, with the exception of the beginning of "Like Seed" which I think is missing an "Ugh!", and at during few moments when Reba's voice is at its most guttural. But still, very different sounds. They're more comparable to bands such as Texas Is The Reason or Knapsack, your classic 90's emo bands. A couple more contemporary bands too, such as My Heart To Joy, or Tigers Jaw, perhaps.  They put out a 4-song 7" on No Sleep Records, check it out. It's probably one of my favourite EP's of the year.

1. I Feel So Sure
2. Walking
3. Like Seed
4. Reach Out To You

1. I Can't Stay
2. Promise
3. Clear My Head With You
4. The Light Brings Without

1. Adventures - Call Me At Night
2. Adventures - Thin
3. Run Forever - Headlights
4. Run Forever - Lost The Feeling

1. Adventures - Flowing Through
2. Adventures - Behind This Wall (Turning Point cover)
3. Pity Sex - Acid Reflux
4. Pity Sex - Gigantic (Pixies cover)

1. Dream Blue Haze
2. Heavenly
3. Your Sweetness
4. My Marble Hole
5. Pure
6. Absolution, Worth Requited
7. Walk You To Bed
8. Tension
9. Long Hair
10. Supersonic Home


  1. doms last name is landolina, he play in a band called breach

  2. Adventures has a new album out called Supersonic Home, it would be killer if you guys put it up

  3. It would be cool if you guys could put up Adventures' debut LP. It's called "Supersonic Home".

  4. Can you guys please post Run Forever?
    They have a split with Adventures and a self titled record out as well as a Big Vacation EP on No Sleep Records

  5. Thaaaaaanks :)