Monday, 24 September 2012

Street Smart Cyclist

Street Smart Cyclist (commonly abbreviated to SSC) are a five-piece emo band from Lehigh Valley/Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. They were active from 2006-2008 and did a few reunion shows at the end of 2010. Members went on to form Snowing, another essential emo-revival (or whatever you want to call it) band. I think some of them might have been played in another awesome band called Boyfriends. They've all played in a bunch of other bands as well, though I'm unsure of which ones specifically.

Unfortunately, they put out very little in their time. The plus side to that is it's all kick-ass, taking influence from all the greats: Cap'n Jazz, Boy's Life, Braid, you know the like. They put out a demo/EP 7", an acoustic EP, and a final EP-thing consisting of two songs they recorded before breaking up. Here you go:

1. Hoods Up!
2. Pastor Of Muppets
3. The Three Lane Cut

There's three versions of the artwork, as you can see.

1. Cigarettes In Love
2. The Human Map Says We're Fucked
3. We Lack Science

1. We Lack Science
2. Kiss Kitty On The Lips

Since their discography is so small, here's a link to all of it. It's just every album, individual artwork and track listing and all, in one convenient download, so it's no different than the ones above. Just in case you were going to download all three, it'll make your life easier. Or something. Yeah. You're welcome.


  1. Any chance you could post the snowing stuff aswell?

  2. you're a great guy meow

  3. Can you upload Boy Problems as well?