Monday, 14 May 2012


Caravels are a five-piece "emotional hardcore" (or whatever label you want to use) band from Henderson, Nevada. They've been active since 2008 (if not earlier), and are currently signed to Topshelf. I'm not sure how to describe their music exactly. It's like hardcore filtered through a post-rock sound (or vice versa) with a highly emotional sensibility. Or you could just use a blanket term like "post-hardcore" I suppose. FFO: Native, Gifts From Enola, We Were Skeletons, or something.  Regardless of what you want to call them, these guys are an amazing band. They are currently the process of writing a full-length, and then are embarking on a huge tour near the end of this year, I believe. The glorious full-length has graced us.

If you are new to this band, I'd advise checking out the self-titled 7" and Floorboards first.

1. Dark Obsession
2. Snake Plissken
3. Flawless Victory

1. Iceland
2. Greenland
3. Buddy System
4. Sixty Acres
5. Meat Wave
6. Safety Jobs

1. Dream Beaver
2. Girth Impression

1. Caravels - Sagan Genesis
2. Caravels - Beer Pressure
3. Caravels - Bone Voyage
4. Gifts From Enola - Angel Face
5. Gifts From Enola - Water Torture

1. Lacuna
2. Tangled
3. Having Had & Lost Some Infinite Thing
4. New Zealand
5. Hundred Years
6. Twin
7. Hanging Off
8. Sleep Talk
9. Ordinary Lives
10. Dog Days

1. Caravels - Moody Miles
2. Caravels - Slick Rick
3. Octave - Tom Petty Cash
4. Octaves - Air Traffic Control



  2. we were skeletons, please......

  3. I really like your floorboard =)