Sunday, 20 October 2019

With Horses In Her Eyes/Histories

With Horses In Her Eyes were a four-piece screamo band from Atlanta, Georgia that were around briefly in 2006 before changing their name to Histories. They only released one five-track EP, titled Prologue. The first four tracks are all hard-hitters, featuring some heavy Funeral Diner and Kodan Armada influence. The final track, Page 5, is just an arpeggiated acoustic guitar and screaming. It's certainly the most unique track on here, which is saying something on an EP where every song delivers. Enjoy.

EDIT: A million thank you's to Sascha for sending me the Histories EP!

1. Page 1
2. Page 2
3. Page 3
4. Page 4
5. Page 5

1. Oregon
2. Lush
3. A Child's Coat


  1. You ever find any Histories material?

    1. I got the 3 EP Tracks which i believe is the only material they put out. Got it from a long dead bandcamp acc. I dont have a gmail account so i can only comment anonymous. Just reply and we figure out how to send it to you

    2. No need anymore. I sent it to Kevin and he uploaded it to the post. Just downlaod it directly from there.