Wednesday, 28 March 2018


thisishowitendedintokyo are a five-piece screamo band from Chicago, Illinois that formed in 2017. Their debut album, april(s)in came out last month, and it is a true spectacle to behold. They mix very upbeat drum patterns with bright, slightly noodley guitars typical of midwestern emo, with some of the rowdiest screaming imaginable on top of it. They are undoubtedly an interesting band, and their debut has a very unique energy that's hard to really pin down. It seems lodged between melodrama and a fun time, which is a strange mix, but I love it. Definitely recommended if you need some new screamo in your life. Enjoy.

1. i may be a scumbag but i'm not a fucking loser

1. Martha's Got a Limp Wrist - Worthless
2. Martha's Got a Limp Wrist - Cannibal
3. Martha's Got a Limp Wrist - Suicide
4. thisishowitendedintokyo - dies irae 
5. thisishowitendedintokyo - tantrum of a 3rd grade boy
6. thisishowitendedintokyo - daemon 

1. 3
2. november snow
3. math song
4. theoneishowedjeffreyatwillsuncleshouseonmapleinbrookfield
5. i may be a scumbag but im not a fucking loser
6. boys life
7. chanting song

Note: You can grab the cassette from Mount Seldom Records here

1. harriett
2. these moments
3. cap tap.
4. split
5. The Comforts You Seek Before And After Sleep

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