Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Foxtails / Algae Bloom SPLIT PREMIERE

It's the first day of spring, and with the changing of the seasons comes this split from two incredible bands. Connecticut's Foxtails and Norwich's Algae Bloom come through with 6 new tracks of material out today. This is a split release between Nothing Feels Good (US), Adorno Records (UK), and Damn Fine Tapes (EU).

Foxtails bring 2 tracks to the table, featuring their unique brand of technical screamo, with clean, dissonant instrumentation and maniacal, haunting vocals. Just listen to the throat-shrieking climax of "Cucaracho" to hear everything incredible about this band. Algae Bloom bring this split home with the final 4 tracks. They come through with a warm, fret-frenzied style of midwestern emo that teeters between melancholic and melodic. Vocally, they top it off with some hoarse screaming, giving these would-be calm songs a shot of incredible desperation. The highlight on their side would probably have to be those syncopated breaks on "Understanding In Negative", though this whole split is nothing short of awesome.

You can listen to it at the link below or you can pick up the cassette via Nothing Feels Good or Damn Fine Tapes!

1. foxtails - To Kitty, Love Bunny
2. foxtails - Cucaracho
3. algae bloom - How Are You?
4. algae bloom - Life In Brio
5. algae bloom - If I Was To Talk Meaningfully With My Friends
6. algae bloom - Understanding In Negative


Algae Bloom

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