Wednesday, 11 October 2017


Studying were a six-piece emo band from Annandale, Virginia that were around briefly from 2011 to 2012. Thank you to Anton for reminding me of these boiz, because this band was the shiiiiiit, and I haven't listened to them in a long time. They've got a heavy midwestern emo-influenced sound going on, which fans of Joie De Vivre and Merchant Ships will definitely dig. Their bright guitars, sad (and occasionally) screamed vocals, as well as sporadic use of brass instruments checks off the entire list of emo awesomeness. Songs About Leaving Home is incredible, as is their sole full-length Sophomoronic. Enjoy.

1. Wait, I'll Get Back To You (Demo)
2. Up The Corporate Ladder (Demo)
3. Winter Kept Us Warm (Demo 1.0)
4. Winter Kept Us Warm (Demo 1.2)
5. I Think I Think Too Much

1. Wait, I'll Get Back To You
2. Call To No One
3. Winter Kept Us Warm
4. Up The Corporate Ladder

1. Carved Our Names In Snow - Listening
2. Carved Our Names In Snow - Facebank
3. Studying - The Passing Of 34 Days

1. Because What Was Hardened Will Never Happen
2. Nothing But Figures
3. What Do You See?
4. Tourist With A Typewriter
5. Where Bluestone Meets Carrier
6. Sophomornic
7. Goodbye, I Guess
8. A Somber, Dull Care Of Desire

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  1. Holy shit. These guys are great, thanks for sharing.