Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Dead Like Me

Dead Like Me are a four-piece hardcore band from Pau, France that formed in 2010. The band pulls from some incredible sources of influence, mainly metallic hardcore in the vein of the Relapse Records roster, most notably The Dillinger Escape Plan, in addition to bands like Coalesce and Converge, among others. The technical riffs, off-kilter rhythms, and brutally guttural vocals are all trademarks of this sound. They also incorporate hints of sludge metal to drag listeners through the mud of their bone-chilling chaos. A 6-song LP was released earlier this month, and I can't recommend it enough for fans of older hardcore with a modern edge. Enjoy.

1. Poussière, c'est tout.

1. Toi et le monde
2. Absolescence

1. Le fils du pire des prédateurs - Clair
2. Le fils du pire des prédateurs - Obscur
3. Chien de nuit

Note: Split with Gerda, Dead Like Me tracks only

1. Seulement des corps entassés
2. À vomir des doutes et des plaintes
3. Les cerbères d'un temple oublié
4. Refléter le vide et son contraire
5. Nos corps s'épuisent et se déchirent
6. À terre, amas de rêves

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