Friday, 17 March 2017

Lewd Acts

Lewd Acts were a four-piece hardcore band from San Diego, California that formed in 2004 and broke up in 2010, before briefly reuniting in 2012. They played a dark, aggressive form of hardcore that blended the sludgy, down-tuned sound of Cursed with the technical riffs of Converge, and the energy of a band like Blacklisted. This makes sense, since like all the aforementioned, Lewd Acts were also a Deathwish band. They only released one album, 2009's incredible Black Eye Blues, which is easily one of that decade's best hardcore releases. In addition, the compilation Dark Days includes all of the band's early (and fantastic) material. The cassette put out in 2012 contains demos recorded and distributed after they reunited. Not much else to say, except this is (relatively) "modern" hardcore at its finest. Enjoy.

1. The Bridge
2. Holy Hands
3. Fun In Funeral
4. Enterlewd/Self-Esteem Roller
5. That Time Of The Month
6. Apple Eyes
7. San Diego Transmitted Disease
8. Womanipulation
9. Thirteen
10. I Scream
11. Pallbearer Blues
12. Drifter's Sole
13. You Ain't No Patron Saint

1. Lung Patrol
2. Segue
3. Play Me Something That I Know
4. Partners In Time

1. Hour Of The Wolf - Overload
2. Hour Of The Wolf - War Machine
3. Hour Of The Wolf - Nothing Hits As Hard As The Abyss
4. Lewd Acts - Broken Kids
5. Lewd Acts - Jealous Sea
6. Lewd Acts - Shark Bait
7. Lewd Acts - Glass Act

11. PH. Decontrol (Kid Dynamite cover)

1. Know Where To Go
2. Wide Black Eyes
3. Nightcrawlers
4. You Don't Need Me
5. I Don't Need You
6. Who Knew The West Coast Could Be So Cold
7. Penmanship Sailed
8. Young Lovers, Old Livers
9. Rot Gut Charlie
10. My Father Was A Locomotive
11. Nowhere To Go

1. Sad, Sorry Sack Of Shit And The Pursuit Of Crappiness
2. Esc-ist
3. Walking Man
4. Know Where To Grow


  1. There is also another tape from before lung patrol that had a Helter Skelter cover on it.

  2. any chance you'd have any other san diego hardcore? Pink Hand Grenade, Pope Benedict, Pallida Mors. Also dying to see Atom and His Package on here some day!

  3. i'd love to request jeff rosenstock if at all possible.... i know you have btmi! but i'm really digging worry and i know other people will too