Saturday, 25 March 2017

I, Robot

I, Robot were a five-piece hardcore/screamo band from New Paltz, New York that were around from approx. 1998 to 2002. They played in the highly emotional vein of early hardcore/screamo bands such as Angel Hair and Mohinder, as well as tons of other fantastic bands from the Gravity Records roster. From quiet, melodic sections to intensive build-ups with some piercing shrieks for vocals, I, Robot kill. Their entire discography is compiled on Et Ceterea, which included their self-titled 7", split with The Cable Car Theory, as well as some demos and live tracks. Enjoy.

1. The Answer
2. Call Me "Killer"
3. James Earl Jones
4. What If?
5. The Mullet Vs. The Moustaches
6. Frida Rider
7. Exodus
8. Save Me
9. He Who Cares Not Loses In the End
10. 2017
11. Now I Owe You A Favour (Live)
12. Et Cetera (Live)
13. He Can't Swim (Live)
14. The Answer (Live)
15. The Game (Live)


  1. I haven't heard them till now but they seems good. Need to get my mp3 copy and listen them. Hope it won't disappoint me, thanks for sharing it

  2. I always look for good music as it is food for soul and these guys look good. Going to get mp3 downloaded in my phone, thanks for sharing it with us

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