Saturday, 22 August 2015


These go to 11. You want loud, distorted guitars? Fuzzed-out bass? Don't-give-a-fuck-hungover-in-yesterday's-clothes attitude? As cliche as it is to describe something as "rock-n-roll", PUP come pretty damn close. They're a four-piece punk band from Toronto, Ontario that began around 2010 under the name Topanga. After two 7"'s (neither which I have but am dying to find), they became PUP in 2013 and released their self-titled which we all know and love in 2014. If you're looking for an album to blow your speakers to, this is it. The songs are filled with an insane amount of energy most bands can't capture on a record, and are topped by the fact that they're also incredibly catchy. Through reckless, strained vocals they craft some amazing songs, and are backed by this wall of sound featuring booming rhythms and some crazy riffs. So here's their self-titled debut, and if anyone has anything else by them, please do send them to me! Enjoy.

1. Oceans
2. Mabu

1. Guilt Trip
2. Reservoir
3. Mabu
4. Never Try
5. Yukon
6. Dark Days
7. Lionheart
8. Cul-de-Sac
9. Back Against The Wall
10. Factories

1. If This Tour Doesn't Kill You, I Will
2. DVP
3. Doubts
4. Sleep In The Heat
5. The Coast
6. Old Wounds
7. My Life Is Over And I Couldn't Be Happier
8. Can't Win
9. Familiar Patterns
10. Pine Point 


  1. This is my first time hearing PUP and this album insanely catchy so far. Thank you!

  2. this shit rips. thanks!

  3. Please do Alex G and Elvis Depressedly!

  4. I have the first two releases under Topanga - the Oceans single and the Lionheart EP. Where would you like them sent?

    1. What are the tracks on lionheart ep?

    2. the demos of some of their songs from S/T

  5. New Pup album -

    1. Sweet, now I can buy a t-shirt.

    2. About this copy of the new album (which is the same one that is linked in the main post above), it's not 320kbps quality despite what the files show; it's actually an upscale of a 128kbps copy.

  6. Excelente. muy buena banda!!! gracias por compartir el disco,;)

  7. OMFG. I really love u. Thanks!!!!