Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Well, I just realized this band was not on here before, so I figured I'd add them quickly. Seeing as they are an essential for this blog, since they come from the Kinsella/Cap'n Jazz family, they certainly need a place on here. Owls are a four-piece emo/indie/math rock band from Chicago/Champaign, Illinois that formed in 2001 and dissolved in 2002. The band consists of all the original members of Cap'n Jazz (except Davey von Bohlen, best known as the frontman of The Promise Ring, who joined Cap'n Jazz later in their career).

Owls formed a few years after Cap'n Jazz had ended, so they aren't many similarities besides their members. They have much more in common with the projects formed after, such as Joan Of Arc, American Football, Ghosts And Vodka, etc. which were far more experimental than the raw energy of Cap'n Jazz. Owls especially have a very math rock-y sound, with odd time signatures and drum patterns, as well as bright, technically-proficient guitars, topped off by Tim Kinsella's half-spoken half-sung voice. They released only one album during their original tenure, but reunited in 2012 and released a second album, Two, in 2014. This new album sounds like their original follow-up that never happened, which is really cool to hear knowing there was more than a 10-year gap between albums. Anyway, both albums definitely warrant a listen for anyone interested in math-y emo, or just a general interest in what these handful of amazing musicians always have to offer. Enjoy.

1. What Whorse You Wrote Id On
2. Anyone Can Have A Good Time
3. I Want The Quiet Moments Of A Party Girl
4. Everyone Is My Friend
5. I Want The Blindingly Cute To Confide In Me
6. For Nate's Brother Whose Name I Never Knew Or Can't Remember
7. Life In The Hair Salon-Themed Bar On The Island
8. Holy Fucking Ghost

1. Four Works Of Art...
2. I'm Surprised...
3. The Lion...
4. Why Oh Why...
5. This Must Be How...
6. Ancient Star Seed...
7. It Collects Itself...
8. I'll Never Be...
9. Oh No, Don't...
10. A Drop Of Blood...


  1. They also had a song on a compilation album. I forgot the name of the album but the song is called We are the Owls.

    1. It's called OIL:Chicago Punk Refined

    2. seriously the best Owls song,

  2. Solid entry. Any chance we could see Crime in Stereo here?

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  5. I think you should do Weston! Super under-appreciated band!

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