Thursday, 30 April 2015

Molly And The Zombies

Molly And The Zombies are a four-piece folk/indie project from New Jersey that formed in late 2013. The band got their start opening for The Bouncing Souls, with no information on the band being released prior to their show. They are fronted by none other than Brian Fallon, who's best known from The Gaslight Anthem, as well as The Horrible Crowes. The band also includes bassist Catherine Popper, who used to play with Ryan Adams, guitarist Brian McGee, and drummer Randy Schrager. Regardless of their history, Molly And The Zombies was a project put together to play for the sake of playing, nothing else. They penned a handful of songs, put together a few covers, and put on a few shows. Seriously, look at their live performances, you can see the amount of fun they're having with it. Their songwriting is very Fallon-esque (four chords and lyrics about some girl he knew when he was 17), with the Bob Dylan (and to a lesser extent here, Springsteen) influence seeping in. However, the subject matter is a little darker here compared to Fallon's past work, focusing on realism over romanticism. The different approach pays off, plus the songs are some of the best he's penned in quite some time. Unfortunately, Molly And The Zombies was a short-lived project, since they declared there would be no formal album or tour (which would probably defeat the purpose of having created this in the first place, for fun). However, they did record two demo tracks, and did a Red Bull Session that can act as an unofficial EP. There was never any download for it, but the songs can be ripped online, thus what is below. Also, the artwork came from here. Enjoy.

1. Sketchy
2. Red Lights

1. Long Drives
2. Smoke
3. Lucky
4. Red Lights
5. Sketchy

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