Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Gates are a five-piece post-rock/indie band from New Brunswick, New Jersey that formed in 2011. Their debut full-length, Bloom And Breathe came out on Pure Noise Records, following the release of two EP's. Stylistically speaking, Gates have a lot in common with Moving Mountains. They both make heavy use of the reverb/delay-laden guitar melodies that bands like Explosions In The Sky are the father, son, and holy ghost of. In addition to that, Gates features very prominent vocals, which are often catchy and melodic. The whole "indie" aspect of them is very comparable to Lydia, who their guitarist used to play in. Random sidenote, but if you haven't heard Lydia's first two albums, listen to them, especially Illuminate. Enjoy.

1. A Vague Ambition
2. Walls
3. Burned Us Alive
4. In The Morning
5. At The End Of All Things
6. Sleepwalker

1. They See Only Shadows
2. Like This You Mean
3. Cast In The Pattern
4. To Those Who Fell...
5. ...And To Those Who Carry On
6. The Sound Of Letting Go

1. Everything That Has Ever Been
2. Bloom
3. Persist In Delusion
4. Not My Blood
5. Light The First Page
6. The Thing That Would Save You
7. Nothing You'll Miss
8. At Last The Loneliest Of Them
9. Born Dead
10. Marrow
11. Low
12. Again At The Beginning
13. Everything That Always Will Be


  1. That's indeed one of the best bands right now ;D does anybody happen to have their japanese bonus tracks? Or the remastered version of You Are All You Have Left To Fear? ;))

    1. What do you mean by the remastered version? I have the pure noise release CD if thats what ur asking!

  2. Parallel Lives please!

  3. You should add their amazing new record, Parallel lives.