Friday, 10 October 2014

Hightide Hotel

Hightide Hotel are a three-piece emo band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They formed in 2008 and are supposed to have broke up two years ago, but not until they finished and released their last album, which just came out on Count Your Lucky Stars. They are, in my opinion, one of the best emo/twinkly/math rock bands to come out of the past few years. Porch Luck is absolutely perfect, and their first album Nothing Was Missing, Except Me is also astounding. Their new, second album, Naturally, is definitely going to up there as well, based on a few listens so far. They had a different drummer/singer on their first two releases before switching to their current line-up on their first LP. Some of their members also play in Olive Drab, which shares members with THE band, Snowing. Here's Hightide Hotel's complete discography, enjoy.

1. The Tender And The Terrible
2. I Know What The Word Gone Means
3. Open Your Eyes And Stare
4. Porch Luck

1. Wordsearch
2. Apartment Buildings (Acoustic)
3. Secret Somethings
4. Porch Luck (Acoustic)

1. Hightide Hotel - Shuttle
2. Hightide Hotel - Elementary Biology
3. Hightide Hotel - Apartment Buildings
4. By Surprise - Invisible Ink
5. By Surprise - CB Radio
6. By Surprise - I Miss You etc.

1. I'm Just Sippin' On Monster, Thinkin' About Life
2. Childish
3. Life Is Precious, And God, And The Bible
4. Where's Walden?
5. Weekends
6. I Know What The Word Gone Means
7. Be My Lobster
8. She Dreams Of Melting Rocks
9. Morning Mutes
10. Sometimes What Ends Doesn't

1. Intro
2. Ballad
3. Ultimatum
4. Hollow
5. Your Bed
6. My Bed
7. Hospital Green
8. Malice
9. Closer
10. Intro

1. Spring Cleaning
2. Secret Something
3. Kicked Off Bed Island
4. Fuck All These Documents
5. J.E. III
6. I Know What The Word Dead Means
7. The Tender And The Terrible (Live)
8. Be My Lobster (Live)
9. Closer (Live)
10. Wordsearch (Darien St. Version)

1. Dikembe - Donuts In A Six Speed
2. Hightide Hotel - Built To Last
3. Jet Set Sail - Strickland North
4. Monument - Sophisticated Liars

1. Hello Cruel World
2. Basement Warfare
3. Henry
4. Vertigo Chamber
5. Dandelion
6. Cosmos
7. An Absence Felt
8. Apollo Silent Groove
9. Don't Need
10. Naturally
11. Sigh


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